Along with the opening of flower buds comes the reopening of the Palagina and the opening of my exhibition therein! The long winter is over and my painted experience of it as well…time to wake up to the singing of birds and visions of new things, or old things resuscitated (like me)…anyway, if you should be in Italy near Florence, you should definitely come and stay at the Palagina or look into it..a beautiful place in the hills, opposite the mountains,a friendly staff and a wonderful warm and beyond helpful director,Eric…and you can also see these and many more of my paintings in “person” ..”dal vero”…..

sunday sunday

OK, so today is Sunday at the still closed hotel La Palagina, and as such it means that NO one is about, except me and an employee doing last minute…well,I’m trying to finish a painting of the villa; the quiet and lack of movement help..a black squirrel with tasseled ears running through the picture, and a few excited pheasants fighting in the trees and every where else.. don’t interfere with my concentration but rather feed into it. Today is also the first day of daylight savings time and as a result I wended my way up too early to my point of view..better early than late..seize the moment or the hour..


OK well, that last post was 2 days ago but something happened and it didn’t get published then.
Today is the first day of spring(!) even although yesterday was also very near to it..being the 20th..the merli are singing and the peach tree is blooming and the hills that I see from my door are a delicate warm green ..just waiting to be painted. Last night the sky was clear, the last time I looked out; jupiter, venus, and mars were shining down on us tiny beings.

a chilly wind

There’s a chilly wind blowing around the hills even though the sun is warm otherwise. Too bad I chose an unprotected place to work. I know that one can do paintings from photos but that doesn’t interest me in the slightest. If I work from a photo, that is, if I were to work from one, I miss all that immediacy and stimulation and the challenge that make it all. Also doing a painting outside from nature as in doing a portrait from a bonified (haha) person is true..not always beautiful but true. So, I guess I choose to shiver..fortunately, it’s not an architectural drawing

After the Storm


Tuscan hills
After the Storm
Another “au plein air” painting in oil done at the same time of day with similar weather conditions over a period of weeks.. I liked the tumultuous sky and the darkness of the land in contrast but a shared movement with the land. This is a painting done in the milder midday of January.The sky was the first element done and the most exciting and the rest of the picture was done congruent with that atmosphere. It measure 50 cm x 70 cm.



Wood in Tuscany
Woods beside the Road
This is a quick watercolor of an area that “pleases me”..nor really sure why..a sculptured feeling to it. This also will be at the Palagina on view after the 29th of March.

The last week is upon me…

A quick note …just to demonstrate how overcome with work I am ( although I am taking my vitamins and gingko biloba)..>Hello all..well, the Palagina will be reopening on the 29th of this week that is, and i should have finished..wrong word for a paintings and drawings for that grand opening..the mind is willing but the body is weak..another week….just a slight comment on weakness..the 10th of this month (march) last year(2011) I underwent a pulmonary operation and a great Italian surgeon removed a tumor hiding behind my heart in the left my energy level is STILL not up to normal…but sometimes it’s strangely spurts..anyway, if you are in the vicinity of Figline Valdarno, come and see my work and me, of course!

Berlusconi’s nightmare

we are much more than meat..siamo molto più della ciccia

We are >much> more than meat

This is a poster that I created spontaneously for a demonstration in one of many Italian cities and in my case, Florence, protesting Berlusconi’s govrnment at the height of “Bunga bunga” and the Ruby story..materials:ink and brushwork.This is on view in my studio at the Palagina.

Tuscan hills and mountains


One of my best friends asked me to paint this view from the small town near her country home and so I did with improvisations. The place is Ponte agli Stolli, above Figline Valdarno, near Florence. She wanted a cat..the placement was mine, it leads the eye into the picture..there is also a dog for her husband, a cyclist for reality, and birds for the cat and me. The painting was mostly done “au plein air” on a wooden panel with oil paints. It is, of course, part of a private collection in Italy.