The last week is upon me…

A quick note …just to demonstrate how overcome with work I am ( although I am taking my vitamins and gingko biloba)..>Hello all..well, the Palagina will be reopening on the 29th of this week that is, and i should have finished..wrong word for a paintings and drawings for that grand opening..the mind is willing but the body is weak..another week….just a slight comment on weakness..the 10th of this month (march) last year(2011) I underwent a pulmonary operation and a great Italian surgeon removed a tumor hiding behind my heart in the left my energy level is STILL not up to normal…but sometimes it’s strangely spurts..anyway, if you are in the vicinity of Figline Valdarno, come and see my work and me, of course!

2 thoughts on “The last week is upon me…

  1. Sorry to hear about your operation. Hopefully now things will be better and you will eventually get your energy back. We both have a lung thing going on. I ,still go to NIH for treatment of my lungs. Things are looking better for me so hopefully by end of year I will be off my three antibiotics I have been on for the past two years. Best of luck to you Susan. I love your art work. You are very very talented.

    • Nila, My operation was a year ago!!! It’s just that I still have problems breathing at times mostly walking up hills..there are a lot in Tuscany as you must know , and lugging my easel full of paints up and down them..better down 8)…and the dusty dirt roads don’t help ..but also the “wound” hurts sometimes as they had to cut some ribs, I believe, so I was told..the tumor was behind my heart..but they got it was a no probs now, just recuperation.I tho’t you knew already…aren’t you glad the NIH exists!?..both my grandfather and father worked there..that’s why we moved to Kensington….hope that your health improves as well..glad you like the paintings..x susan

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