OK well, that last post was 2 days ago but something happened and it didn’t get published then.
Today is the first day of spring(!) even although yesterday was also very near to it..being the 20th..the merli are singing and the peach tree is blooming and the hills that I see from my door are a delicate warm green ..just waiting to be painted. Last night the sky was clear, the last time I looked out; jupiter, venus, and mars were shining down on us tiny beings.

a chilly wind

There’s a chilly wind blowing around the hills even though the sun is warm otherwise. Too bad I chose an unprotected place to work. I know that one can do paintings from photos but that doesn’t interest me in the slightest. If I work from a photo, that is, if I were to work from one, I miss all that immediacy and stimulation and the challenge that make it all. Also doing a painting outside from nature as in doing a portrait from a bonified (haha) person is true..not always beautiful but true. So, I guess I choose to shiver..fortunately, it’s not an architectural drawing