It is a new day..overcast as yesterday but with the promise of sun. The chorus of blackbirds and swallows and sparrows are singing their hearts out with their nests the products of their love..a shape with no end…as perhaps their love.

The other day on Facebook, someone sent me a U-tube video of an old man in a nursing home in the US; he had been withdrawn and non responsive for years. He is an old black man with a warm voice, and he had loved music, Cab Callaway in particular. Someone thought..perhaps,not the doctor, but someone considerate who knew him, that if he could listen to his music, it might change things for him. And so they put earphones on him and he came “alive” and even for some time ..or ’til now..I don’t remember. The music gave him back himself..gave him back to his loved ones.  Oh, that the quiet visual art could do this.

it’s a hard rain’s a gonna …

Well, it isn’t exactly hard, actually it’s soft, but it is an insistent and constant rain, and just when you think it’s at an end , there are the dark clouds and one or two or three timid first drops.  Anyway, that’s one of my favorite Dylan songs so this was an excuse to write it up there in big black letters!!!!  good rain to encourage going through stuff and sorting it out..I save too many tuna fish cans for turps..even used ones…ma! it’s me Scottish blood…..and so, I went through dusty piles of incredible stuff that I think I could use for cleaning brushes and such…when that rain ends I will find a spot where there is also another color besides GREEN…..but i do like green…happy spring to you. 


to be truthful, I have been thinking this morning about increasing my public….hmmm..thinking that I should put Chianti in all my tags…e voilà!..nowadays Chianti is outrageously popular…of course! When has it not been? It is beautiful. From my studio door I see undulating mountains reaching for kilometers, pale flowering fruit trees and vineyards still quiet in with their late winter pruning, a delicate warm green upon the fields and now unlaced matrons of LILACS bursting forth ..the joy of reflowering..for their moment of There are birds everywhere..(unless they have been eliminated by neostarving excontadini and copycat bourgeosie) with a hunger for 40 grams (?) of sparrow…but anyway, here at the Palagina there seem to be a moorman taberacle choir of birds that accompany me in my risveglio…awakening. But!!! says I..this is not really Chianti (faithful to dear proud friends in Radda, Gaiole, and Castellina..the true heart of Chianti since Bettino Ricasoli in the 1800’s) but this is neo-Chianti as the enthusiam grows..and spreads…obviously the wine bloggers or prebloggers have wanted to “tag” their product Chianti as well…it IS beautiful here, at Ponti agli Stolli, at Villa La Palagina, and just waiting to be painted every day, every hour in some corner of a field or around one turn of the road, Chianti “o no”.

Foolish Phish

Silly title! I was thinking about the date and realized that today is April 1, which is April Fools day in the US..also England?..and Pesce d’Aprile in Italy…same kind of thing..practical jokes..but on a serious note..when I first began drawing, painting but mostly drawing here in Florence and following the Annigoni “school”, there existed a beautiful, wonderful, irreplaceable paper that Maestro Annigoni had concocted together with the Cartiera Magnani…it was a paper that had a certain color not white, not ivory, not beige , no yellow was made I have learned since of a mix of cotton and wool. One could work and work and certain effects of translucent skin tones could be achieved ;it was resistant to rubbing in sanguigna, use of water….anyway, this “Annigoni paper” exists but it is no longer the is yellowish, and too soft to create certain textures..I have called the factory to no avail…but I do not want to be a fool and so I think I will seek some other alternative. If anyone out there knows of a good one , please let me know!!