It is a new day..overcast as yesterday but with the promise of sun. The chorus of blackbirds and swallows and sparrows are singing their hearts out with their nests the products of their love..a shape with no end…as perhaps their love.

The other day on Facebook, someone sent me a U-tube video of an old man in a nursing home in the US; he had been withdrawn and non responsive for years. He is an old black man with a warm voice, and he had loved music, Cab Callaway in particular. Someone thought..perhaps,not the doctor, but someone considerate who knew him, that if he could listen to his music, it might change things for him. And so they put earphones on him and he came “alive” and even for some time ..or ’til now..I don’t remember. The music gave him back himself..gave him back to his loved ones.  Oh, that the quiet visual art could do this.


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