Still life..Natura Morta

In Italian “still life” is “natura morta” which is a little more than still, I would say, and less appetizing than Cezanne’s oranges!!!  Anyway, once in a blue moon I actually do nature morte or still lifes but it is rare..mostly I create life size ones in which I LIVE, not paint..but I realize that my banner picture ..?..has a still life and since my dear friend Patrizia wants me to paint a few, I think I should COMMENT : ok, I’ve lost my enthusiasm for these ..because as I ‘ve said, I make them to live in, and I have developed into a lover and reallizer of unstill things!!!..the wind blowing the trees, people walking down the road, the sun and clouds who won’t hold still..  as well as FACES…(if they hold still, there’s no life to interpret)…..there’s more challenge in moving, breathing, changeable subjects.  But, don’t worry, Pat, I will do one, for you.

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