My Heart Welcomed Tuscany

My heart welcomed Tuscany although it was I who entered. Seven years ago, May 31, 2005, my brothers and sister, and I lost our father for the second time and finally. This is a sad day for me although outside, the sun is shining brightly surpassing the summer cumulus clouds; the poppies, calendula, and malva exalting in the persistent greens of the season; blackbirds, finches and swallows sing out and swoop down from their nests.

After our father flew, we huddled together, mostly metaphorically, in an anglo-saxon american mode; our mother cried out and protested loudly..sometimes against us.We hid and preened our feathers or jumped about looking to divert her.

Flight:  it was an educated whim and a warm escape to a magical world…now my home and inspiration.

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