Out of the Rainfall More Rocks….Ancora Sassi…

This image was totally inspired by the form of the rock….too bad I didn’t get a side view….acrilic paint on river rock….Quest’immagine è dovuto totalmente alla forma del sasso..mi dispiace di non averlo fotografato di lato…acrilici sul sasso dell’Arno

A collection of kid inspiring rockettes….very simple…..Una collezione di sassolini per ispirare i più giovani..

Berlusconi’s nightmare

we are much more than meat..siamo molto più della ciccia

We are >much> more than meat

This is a poster that I created spontaneously for a demonstration in one of many Italian cities and in my case, Florence, protesting Berlusconi’s govrnment at the height of “Bunga bunga” and the Ruby story..materials:ink and brushwork.This is on view in my studio at the Palagina.