Out of the heart of darkness came the snow

 I painted this even as the snow washed some of it away..a tiny watercolor.

I painted this even as the snow washed some of it away..a tiny watercolor.


Hazards of the Job…Rischi del Mestiere

This is just a quick note to explain why I disappeared for a while..First I had.a virus, but then I felt really unwell..so much so that I couldn’t work….as it turns out I have various slipped discs in my back all along the spine….and so, I cannot be schlepping my easel full of paints, plus extra paint and brushes and a stool and canvases or wood panels down the road and up steep hills ………..but I’ve got a solution …back to work outside soon as soon as the rains stop!!!!

Ecco una nota breve a spiegare la mia scomparsa negli ultimi mesi…Stavo male prima con un virus,ma dopo mi sentivo ancora davvero male, così male che non potevo lavorare…è venuto fuori che io ho multiple ernie al disco tutto lunga la spina, e perciò non potrò uscire portando addosso il cavalletto pieno di colori ( in tubi di piombo) in più una borsa di altri colori e pennelli, lo sgabello, delle tele o pannelli di legno, prendendo la strada su e giù per  boschi e colline …..ma! mi è venuta la soluzione..presto ritornerò fuori a dipingere appena finiscono queste piogge!!!!

Quando Piove Troppo….When It Rains and Rains

A palm sized river stone from the Arno with landscape in acrilic paint….Paesaggio in acrilici sul sasso dall’Arno

Another image from my head on a river stone ….. un’ altra immagine dalla mia testa, ormai, dipinto sul sasso del fiume

Another fantasy stone inspired by the shape and grain ….un altro dipinto dalla fantasia e ispirato dalla forma e la venatura del sasso

After 3 months of uninterrupted heat that even a ninety year old could’t remember, the rains came and didn’t seem to want to stop…therefore, here I was…with no inspiration for still life!!!! These were produced as an item for a church benefit and to encourage the creativity of children and the older “children” …I came to really enjoy them!  These are for older kids!!
Dopo 3 mesi di un caldo senza fine che nemmeno un novantenne si ricorda..sono arrivate le piogge e si sono accomodate per un bel po!! Allora sono rimasta in casa senza voglia comunque di nature morte…..e poi, ho fatto questi per una beneficenza in parrocchia..un’idea da ispirare la creatività dei bambini e quelli non più tanto bambini …..come me!   Questi sono per i ragazzi più grandi!

The Long Summer into Fall

This a plein air oil on 70 x 100 cm canvas, 2 1/2 hrs every morning for 3 weeks in August…un olio su tela 70 x 100, 2 1/2 ore ogni mattina per 3 settimane d’agosto….

Hello all!!! it was a long HOT ..102 degree summer here and then the rain  and more rain and somehow it is November!!! almost the end..I am still here ..neither scorched nor drowned..

Salve tutti!!! Quest’estate , come sapete, è stato caldissimo..40-42 gradi e poi c’era la pioggia, ed ancora pioggia ed ancora pioggia ..adesso siamo quasi alla fine di novembre ma sono ancora qua ne brusciata viva ne affogata..grazie!!..

8)    excuse the delay.

scusate il ritardo

Questo non c’è più..this one is gone…..

The beautiful elm tree was my reason for doing this painting….and then the rest..oil on canvas 45cm x 60 cm..L’olmo bello grande era il motivo dietro questo dipinto..e poi tutto il resto…olio su tela……autunno 2011….Part of the Palagina exhibition it was sold to a good family….Faceva parte della mostra alla Palagina, è stato venduto a persone meritvoli..

Paintings in the Exhibition…a few of them…Alcuni dei quadri esibiti a Villa La Palagina

A quick watercolor sketch from my studio of the road winding through the hills towards Greve…..un bozzetto i acquarello della strada Grevigiana vista dallo studio mio…..Ponte agi Stolli

A small..22cm x 40m…winter painting of the old farmhouse with the Pratomagno mountains beyond..un piccolo bozzetto del podere con dietro le montgne di Pratomagno sopra Valdarno..inverno..2012
Comings and Goings……65 cm x 125…oil on canvas/ olio su tela…11/2011….

Lo sviluppo di uno dei miei quadri…the development of one of my paintings

primo stadio di lavoro dopo 5 +/- di lavoro..first stage after 5 hours of work..early March..l’inizio di marzo

Secondo stadio fotografato dopo qualche settimana..quasi tutti elimenti ci sono…second stage after a few weeks of work ..almost all elements of the painting are down

Almost the end stage..quasi la fine….as time has passed the light and the colors have changed..con il passaggio del tempo i colori e la luce sono cambiati …fine marzo..the end of March


to be truthful, I have been thinking this morning about increasing my public….hmmm..thinking that I should put Chianti in all my tags…e voilà!..nowadays Chianti is outrageously popular…of course! When has it not been? It is beautiful. From my studio door I see undulating mountains reaching for kilometers, pale flowering fruit trees and vineyards still quiet in with their late winter pruning, a delicate warm green upon the fields and now unlaced matrons of LILACS bursting forth ..the joy of reflowering..for their moment of glory..now. There are birds everywhere..(unless they have been eliminated by neostarving excontadini and copycat bourgeosie) with a hunger for 40 grams (?) of sparrow…but anyway, here at the Palagina there seem to be a moorman taberacle choir of birds that accompany me in my risveglio…awakening. But!!! says I..this is not really Chianti (faithful to dear proud friends in Radda, Gaiole, and Castellina..the true heart of Chianti since Bettino Ricasoli in the 1800’s) but this is neo-Chianti as the enthusiam grows..and spreads…obviously the wine bloggers or prebloggers have wanted to “tag” their product Chianti as well…it IS beautiful here, at Ponti agli Stolli, at Villa La Palagina, and just waiting to be painted every day, every hour in some corner of a field or around one turn of the road, Chianti “o no”.

Tuscan hills and mountains


One of my best friends asked me to paint this view from the small town near her country home and so I did with improvisations. The place is Ponte agli Stolli, above Figline Valdarno, near Florence. She wanted a cat..the placement was mine, it leads the eye into the picture..there is also a dog for her husband, a cyclist for reality, and birds for the cat and me. The painting was mostly done “au plein air” on a wooden panel with oil paints. It is, of course, part of a private collection in Italy.