Questo non c’è più..this one is gone…..

The beautiful elm tree was my reason for doing this painting….and then the rest..oil on canvas 45cm x 60 cm..L’olmo bello grande era il motivo dietro questo dipinto..e poi tutto il resto…olio su tela……autunno 2011….Part of the Palagina exhibition it was sold to a good family….Faceva parte della mostra alla Palagina, è stato venduto a persone meritvoli..

Lo sviluppo di uno dei miei quadri…the development of one of my paintings

primo stadio di lavoro dopo 5 +/- di lavoro..first stage after 5 hours of work..early March..l’inizio di marzo

Secondo stadio fotografato dopo qualche settimana..quasi tutti elimenti ci sono…second stage after a few weeks of work ..almost all elements of the painting are down

Almost the end stage..quasi la fine….as time has passed the light and the colors have changed..con il passaggio del tempo i colori e la luce sono cambiati …fine marzo..the end of March

Outside the studio


Outside the farmhouse
Outside the farmhouse

This is a pencil drawing I did sitting almost in the middle of the road that passes in front of the studio..I really like the trees that surround it and love to draw (anything) them so here it is…the photo is a bit wierd..seems to have left out middle tones but you get the idea…maybe I’ll get better at this transposing photos onto pcs oneday. This as well is exhibited at the Palagina..It was done last summer (2011) and measures 35 cm x 45 cm, on Annigoni papaer.

Winter Sundown on the Vineyards


Dirt road between vineyards in Valdarno, Tuscany
Winter sundown on the Vineyards
Not a quick watercolor but one done also over time at the half hour over weeks…this is done with sepia and orange inks, and watercolor…the vines are gone,they have been pruned after the coldest part of winter, leaving,let’s say, stumps with two or three hardy limbs readied to reboot in the spring. I also helped do the grape harvesting in these vineyards. Also on display at Palagina.