Lo sviluppo di uno dei miei quadri…the development of one of my paintings

primo stadio di lavoro dopo 5 +/- di lavoro..first stage after 5 hours of work..early March..l’inizio di marzo

Secondo stadio fotografato dopo qualche settimana..quasi tutti elimenti ci sono…second stage after a few weeks of work ..almost all elements of the painting are down

Almost the end stage..quasi la fine….as time has passed the light and the colors have changed..con il passaggio del tempo i colori e la luce sono cambiati …fine marzo..the end of March

Green green

Almost too much but not yet….fortunately, at this time of year there is a lot of variety in those greens out there…ones not to be taken straight from a tube  some maybe, but the challenge of getting the green the right green is a good one. Let’s put it that way. In this part of the world the olive tree is the one to get, and depending on the angle of  the light and the color of the sky it’s leaves can go from a golden silver (so not green?) to terra verde, to chrome…the painting accompanying this post (I hope) was done in another time, but it displays that warm green of the grass and the silvery sometimes towards violet olive.  

it’s a hard rain’s a gonna …

Well, it isn’t exactly hard, actually it’s soft, but it is an insistent and constant rain, and just when you think it’s at an end , there are the dark clouds and one or two or three timid first drops.  Anyway, that’s one of my favorite Dylan songs so this was an excuse to write it up there in big black letters!!!!  good rain to encourage going through stuff and sorting it out..I save too many tuna fish cans for turps..even used ones…ma! it’s me Scottish blood…..and so, I went through dusty piles of incredible stuff that I think I could use for cleaning brushes and such…when that rain ends I will find a spot where there is also another color besides GREEN…..but i do like green…happy spring to you.