Hazards of the Job…Rischi del Mestiere

This is just a quick note to explain why I disappeared for a while..First I had.a virus, but then I felt really unwell..so much so that I couldn’t work….as it turns out I have various slipped discs in my back all along the spine….and so, I cannot be schlepping my easel full of paints, plus extra paint and brushes and a stool and canvases or wood panels down the road and up steep hills ………..but I’ve got a solution …back to work outside soon as soon as the rains stop!!!!

Ecco una nota breve a spiegare la mia scomparsa negli ultimi mesi…Stavo male prima con un virus,ma dopo mi sentivo ancora davvero male, così male che non potevo lavorare…è venuto fuori che io ho multiple ernie al disco tutto lunga la spina, e perciò non potrò uscire portando addosso il cavalletto pieno di colori ( in tubi di piombo) in più una borsa di altri colori e pennelli, lo sgabello, delle tele o pannelli di legno, prendendo la strada su e giù per  boschi e colline …..ma! mi è venuta la soluzione..presto ritornerò fuori a dipingere appena finiscono queste piogge!!!!

it’s a hard rain’s a gonna …

Well, it isn’t exactly hard, actually it’s soft, but it is an insistent and constant rain, and just when you think it’s at an end , there are the dark clouds and one or two or three timid first drops.  Anyway, that’s one of my favorite Dylan songs so this was an excuse to write it up there in big black letters!!!!  good rain to encourage going through stuff and sorting it out..I save too many tuna fish cans for turps..even used ones…ma! it’s me Scottish blood…..and so, I went through dusty piles of incredible stuff that I think I could use for cleaning brushes and such…when that rain ends I will find a spot where there is also another color besides GREEN…..but i do like green…happy spring to you.