Out of the Rainfall More Rocks….Ancora Sassi…

This image was totally inspired by the form of the rock….too bad I didn’t get a side view….acrilic paint on river rock….Quest’immagine è dovuto totalmente alla forma del sasso..mi dispiace di non averlo fotografato di lato…acrilici sul sasso dell’Arno

A collection of kid inspiring rockettes….very simple…..Una collezione di sassolini per ispirare i più giovani..

Outside the studio


Outside the farmhouse
Outside the farmhouse

This is a pencil drawing I did sitting almost in the middle of the road that passes in front of the studio..I really like the trees that surround it and love to draw (anything) them so here it is…the photo is a bit wierd..seems to have left out middle tones but you get the idea…maybe I’ll get better at this transposing photos onto pcs oneday. This as well is exhibited at the Palagina..It was done last summer (2011) and measures 35 cm x 45 cm, on Annigoni papaer.