The Long Summer into Fall

This a plein air oil on 70 x 100 cm canvas, 2 1/2 hrs every morning for 3 weeks in August…un olio su tela 70 x 100, 2 1/2 ore ogni mattina per 3 settimane d’agosto….

Hello all!!! it was a long HOT ..102 degree summer here and then the rain  and more rain and somehow it is November!!! almost the end..I am still here ..neither scorched nor drowned..

Salve tutti!!! Quest’estate , come sapete, è stato caldissimo..40-42 gradi e poi c’era la pioggia, ed ancora pioggia ed ancora pioggia ..adesso siamo quasi alla fine di novembre ma sono ancora qua ne brusciata viva ne affogata..grazie!!..

8)    excuse the delay.

scusate il ritardo

Paintings in the Exhibition…a few of them…Alcuni dei quadri esibiti a Villa La Palagina

A quick watercolor sketch from my studio of the road winding through the hills towards Greve…..un bozzetto i acquarello della strada Grevigiana vista dallo studio mio…..Ponte agi Stolli

A small..22cm x 40m…winter painting of the old farmhouse with the Pratomagno mountains beyond..un piccolo bozzetto del podere con dietro le montgne di Pratomagno sopra Valdarno..inverno..2012
Comings and Goings……65 cm x 125…oil on canvas/ olio su tela…11/2011….


oil on wood panel ..68cm x 98 cm hexagon..portrait of Andrea

I’m sorry these are slightly out of focus…my eyes are not what they were even with glasses….after years of “au plein air” painting….

The full image…these colors are not quite true …and it is an elongated octogon….l’imagine completo un’esogono allungato…

Winter Sundown on the Vineyards


Dirt road between vineyards in Valdarno, Tuscany
Winter sundown on the Vineyards
Not a quick watercolor but one done also over time at the half hour over weeks…this is done with sepia and orange inks, and watercolor…the vines are gone,they have been pruned after the coldest part of winter, leaving,let’s say, stumps with two or three hardy limbs readied to reboot in the spring. I also helped do the grape harvesting in these vineyards. Also on display at Palagina.