Foolish Phish

Silly title! I was thinking about the date and realized that today is April 1, which is April Fools day in the US..also England?..and Pesce d’Aprile in Italy…same kind of thing..practical jokes..but on a serious note..when I first began drawing, painting but mostly drawing here in Florence and following the Annigoni “school”, there existed a beautiful, wonderful, irreplaceable paper that Maestro Annigoni had concocted together with the Cartiera Magnani…it was a paper that had a certain color not white, not ivory, not beige , no yellow was made I have learned since of a mix of cotton and wool. One could work and work and certain effects of translucent skin tones could be achieved ;it was resistant to rubbing in sanguigna, use of water….anyway, this “Annigoni paper” exists but it is no longer the is yellowish, and too soft to create certain textures..I have called the factory to no avail…but I do not want to be a fool and so I think I will seek some other alternative. If anyone out there knows of a good one , please let me know!!