Well, this is the story of a day in the sun and wind and watercolors…a beautiful if slightly blustery day; off I go down the road, around the corner, avoiding recently rain-dug holes in the earth, down through the vineyards, once more along a muddy track until I get to my destination: a beautiful and colorful view of the Villa, the vineyards, the cypresses, the acacia, an enormous elm looking like some giant’s umbrella, the sun high and ultimately bright in a deep ultramarine blue sky crowded with large cumulus clouds, and fields of colza…which is a type of turnip, the flowers of which are a bright pale cadmium yellow, saturated not weak.  Several tourists stop nearby to take pictures of this view and one of me…I pretend to be a grump and am good it…I want only to lose myself in my subject and paint……..what happens next???  the wind blows my carefully balanced water container over ………..the stream nearby is appealing and making full-water sounds but the banks are steep and muddy.  I refuse to give in and so, excuse me, but I spit. A solution.   8p

The villa and farmhouses


The villa and farmhouses around it

The Palagina in the Morning Sun
Another “plein Air” oil painting of the Villa as seen on my hike back from grocery shopping in the little village of Ponte agli Stolli…a good rough walk thru the hills on a path created by horses, men, and wild boar.Also on exhibit at the above.