to be truthful, I have been thinking this morning about increasing my public….hmmm..thinking that I should put Chianti in all my tags…e voilà!..nowadays Chianti is outrageously popular…of course! When has it not been? It is beautiful. From my studio door I see undulating mountains reaching for kilometers, pale flowering fruit trees and vineyards still quiet in with their late winter pruning, a delicate warm green upon the fields and now unlaced matrons of LILACS bursting forth ..the joy of reflowering..for their moment of There are birds everywhere..(unless they have been eliminated by neostarving excontadini and copycat bourgeosie) with a hunger for 40 grams (?) of sparrow…but anyway, here at the Palagina there seem to be a moorman taberacle choir of birds that accompany me in my risveglio…awakening. But!!! says I..this is not really Chianti (faithful to dear proud friends in Radda, Gaiole, and Castellina..the true heart of Chianti since Bettino Ricasoli in the 1800’s) but this is neo-Chianti as the enthusiam grows..and spreads…obviously the wine bloggers or prebloggers have wanted to “tag” their product Chianti as well…it IS beautiful here, at Ponti agli Stolli, at Villa La Palagina, and just waiting to be painted every day, every hour in some corner of a field or around one turn of the road, Chianti “o no”.